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How to Create Digital Membership Cards with QR Codes for Free

With AnyMerge Mail add-on you can merge QR codes into Gmail messages. One of the use cases is that you can create membership cards with QR codes. Instead of making plastic cards or paper cards with QR codes you can send a membership cad via email. And it is literally for free!

How to Merge QR Codes into Google Docs

Are you looking for a way how to merge QR codes automatically into Google Documents? Do you need to create event tickets or work orders? AnyMerge Docs add-on is here to rescue. With this add-on you can merge spreadsheet data into Google documents like a boss! And you can instruct the add-on to encode values in a sheet and insert them into Google Docs as QR codes . Furthermore, you can merge as many QR codes as you need into a document. Just install the add-on from marketplace and launch it. Add-on will guide you in your firsts steps and will create a sample sheet, a sample document template and you can start generating documents with QR codes literally within a minutes.